1 watter QRP build phase 3

picture of BFO phase 3 of the build picture of entire ciruit board phase 3The latest phase of the online 1-watter build-a-thon was the audio detector mixer (BFO).

This is the first time I’ve run across a binocular toroid.  Winding toroids always takedats me longer than I think it should for something so simple.  In this case stripping and tinning the wire after the fact got me.

Everything went together well, and I think the tests were successful.  It’s picking up a 6mhz xtal in my crystal checker, so it seems to work.  The tone I’m getting is more along the lines of 2 khz vs 1khz, which is hopefully not a major issue.  Up until this point, I’ve been pretty spot on to what Chuck’s (K7QO) test results say I should get.

Based on the published build sections, it will be a couple weeks until I can really test this thing.  It’s been nice to be out in the workshop (garage) building things.  Hopefully the weather warms up, as my garage heater barely kept the bite out of the bitter cold we had in WI last week.